It’s all Greek to Locksmiths

Greek picnics are fun for everyone, but they are even more entertaining when they involve an entire city. There is nothing quite like city events across places like Dallas, to bring together residents from all parts. Such events are a great way to raise awareness for local businesses, to meet new people in town, to network as a professional, and much more. Many of these larger city wide picnics take place for an entire week or weekend, allowing for people with various work schedules to still attend and take part in the festivities. For short term events, like the Dallas Greek Picnic, it is important to keep all service documents, volunteers, personnel, property, and rentals safe.

Protecting Property for Short Term Events

Don't let breakins get you down

Events like this are bound to have things they need protected, things like temporary office equipment, donated equipment from other companies in town, as well as personnel documents. For particularly sensitive company documents of whatever variety you can install things like key codes, security card readers systems which require a physical card to gain access, even biometric scanners. All of these can be combined to whatever degree you want. Larger corporations that are participating in events like these might want to include a biometric scanner, keypad, and a card swiping mechanism so there are three layers of locks preventing unwanted access. The same levels of security can be utilized for hallway doors, elevators, or stairwells that get access to areas which contain sensitive information. Installing a key card scanner with a key pad lock at the stairwell door, hallway door, and physical entrance adds three extra layers of security for your company.

Invest wisely in security

Dealing with Emergencies

That said, there might be attempts at a break in, or you might have just locked yourself out and damaged something trying to get back into an office space. In such cases, there are other things you can do to prevent against theft, help protect your products after there has been damage, even compensate for an emergency situation. Better technology includes things like smart locks which connect to a smartphone of your choosing. Company owners, property managers, even office managers can utilize this technology to allow access to different doors even when they are not present. This is particularly beneficial for companies to work with multiple suppliers or manufacturers and need to gain access into the office on a regular basis. You might consider the new Kwiskset Kevo Touch-to-Open lock. With a simple set up, you can use the app to lock and unlock the door with a simple tap of your finger. A pro locksmith on can install the physical lock within 10 minutes and users can use smart phones to allow for fast and easy access getting into and out of the doors without needing your hands to be empty. So long as the exterior plate is within range of the smartphone, the lock works wonders.

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