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The Dallas Greek Picnic was created to serve a need in bringing together members of the “Noble Nine” Greek organizations in the Southwest. Alumni and undergraduate members have already RSVP’d from around the country and continuously inquire about this inaugural weekend in Dallas. It’s the time and place where “Old Heads” and all will come together and make new acquaintances, network, celebrate during this event-filled weekend. The DGP event will take place every year around the same time to once again re-unite members of this great coalition. Many have made the comments and suggestions of such an event, and the response from the birth of the DGP event has brought in an enormous response and high expectations.

This highly-anticipated event will bring in over 3000+ alumni and college members of the Greek Sorority and Fraternity Organizational Network that are members of the “Noble Nine” which are mainly in the Southwest Region of the country, but have been able to bring members and guests from around the country. Members and friends are coming to fraternize and compete in competitions like the stroll/step competition, Greek DJ showcase, Greek basketball competition, and many more. The Dallas Greek Picnic Weekend has been one of the biggest community events in Dallas that has brought both seasoned and young from far and wide and will do so for many years to come.

The Dallas Greek Picnic is a charitable event which raises awareness and support for its charity of choice each year. Please visit the website for more info on activities and events that will be posted soon.

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    1. There will be a community service event on Saturday morning before the DGP Picnic event. We know it will fill up pretty fast, so stay tuned and make sure you are following our social media. We will be posting it soon.

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